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Happily married for F5VE years now to this gorgeous woman! Happy anniversary Stephanie :)

The head and neck begins this week. Time to hit the bone room. #MPAS5100 #anatomy (at Cadaver Lab)

A family of flip flops.

Inverted Avery!

Setting up #anatomy exams takes a lot of work #DPTR6002 (at Cadaver Lab)

We have reached the summit! #ManitouIncline (at Manitou Incline)

Off to the Manitou Incline (not Avery this time). (at Manitou Incline)

Half way through the sacral plexus #anatomy #DPTR6002 #MPAS5100 (at Anschutz Medical Campus (UC Denver))

A is for Adventure!

Time to celebrate @cpascoe44 and Independence Day! (at Pascoe July 4th BBQ)

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