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Baby drool is good for wood right? #nomnom

A selfie send off pic with the Class of 2015! Have fun in clinic! #DPTStudent (at University of Colorado Physical Therapy Program)

Mr. Bones says good luck on your cadaver exam! #HBB14 (at Cadaver Lab)

This Italian festival is wearing me out! (at Festival Italiano at Belmar)

Trust me, 1X is already fast enough! #hyperlapse

Air Force kicks off after the first half. #hyperlapse #PowerofBlue #NichollsPlease (at Falcon Stadium)

10 month old @averykpascoe says #GoBuffs #BeatTheRams ! @cubuffs

Dr. Pascoe’s Lower Extremity Lecture Slides from Mike Pascoe on Vimeo.

This video takes you through the slides I did not have time to complete in lecture.

The wildlife were out on this run! #nikeplus

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