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Dr. Pascoe’s Lower Extremity Lecture Slides from Mike Pascoe on Vimeo.

This video takes you through the slides I did not have time to complete in lecture.

The wildlife were out on this run! #nikeplus

Hiking (at Mount Sanitas)

Great pic of @averykpascoe by my mom @kathypascoe #scrubadubdub

Thanks @leriley4 what a bumper crop (whatever that means).

The Pascoe lip. Courtesy of @llcoolprof @modhumanatcu

Farewell anatomy swag handed out to #MPAS5100 as they finish their final exam! (at Anschutz Medical Campus, Education 2 North)

Congrats to a great class of PA students on finishing their cadaver exam on the head and neck! #MPAS5100 (at Cadaver Lab)

Dr. Bookstein welcomes the #DPTStudent s to their final cadaver practical exam of the term. #DPTR5001 (at Cadaver Lab)

Baby food sous chef in the house. #noonecanresistthemango

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